Hailing from Washington, DC by way of Nashville, TN, Engineer/Producer/Multi-instrumentalist Kirk Tinnel has set up shop in Marietta, GA, just north of Atlanta. With over two decades of playing and over a decade of pro-audio and teaching experience, he's ready to provide the greater ATL area his professional expertise. Along the way, he's served as both a private and public music teacher in the DC area, toured the eastern seaboard, served as the Head Sound Engineer and Production manager for the award-winning Rudy's Jazz Room in Nashville, TN, and had the great pleasure of working with a plethora Grammy-winning artists. He began playing guitar and taking piano lessons at the ripe age of five years old, continuing his education through university, studying jazz improvisation at Virginia Tech. He is currently working on a degree in early childhood education at Chattahoochee Tech with the hope of transferring and completing a degree in music education at Kennesaw State University.

Kirk began recording at 12 years old, borrowing his father's discarded recording equipment and diving into tech manuals and guides, producing demos and honing his craft. When clubs in the surrounding area began closing, he borrowed and eventually purchased a PA system, becoming the de facto live sound engineer for many artists and bands in the local scene. Upon returning home from VT, he continued recording, producing, and playing with several local bands, touring in a van and teaching his craft to people of all ages and levels of experience. In 2017, he and his wife decided to pack up and head for Music City, Nashville, TN where he continued to grow and work with some of the greatest artists in the world. 

Following the breakout of Covid-19, Nashville shuttered the doors to its clubs and studios in March, 2020. However, discontent to wait around for the world to return to normal, Kirk began working on setting up a streaming system for Rudy's Jazz Room, a system that would become the standard for in-house production for many clubs in the city. Rudy's continues to stream shows with his system and can be viewed from their facebook page.

With the looming uncertainty of the future, Kirk and his wife once again packed up and headed farther south to be closer to family. Luckily, this placed them just North of one of America's greatest cultural hubs - Atlanta, GA. After spending months preparing and building, he opened his doors (safely) to the greater community for both studio and education services. 

Contact inquiries@tinnelaudio.com for all questions and services.